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Luann D

Aanya, my beautiful 4 year old rescue doxie, is not only the love of my life but literally saved my life. Both my parents passed over, and the grief, tears, depression, and total lack of interest in even the smallest activity were reaching a dark, dangerous place. I was contacted by a woman, who heard I had been looking for a dachshund a few months earlier, and thus entered my mini, long-haired, dapple darling. Without even a thought to the responsibility I was taking on (I was barely being responsible for myself), I found the light that was so desperately needed at that exact moment in my life. I gave her the name Aanya, in keeping with her german ancestry, but, most of all, a befitting remembrance of my irish mother, Anne. Love Ya Mom and Dad!


Congratulations on your new blog.
I look forward to reading your blog.

Heidi Decker

I so love my 2 dachsies; my little boy & little girl give unconditional love right back. This has been a truly wretched year for me (sorry teachers count from August)& my babies have kept me safe & sane.

Karen Flicher

Congratulations April on establishing the blog..

Brenda Gayle

Great site. Everyone wants to talk about the best dogs in the world, Doxies. I have 3 and if I could would have many, many more. They all sleep with me and even though we have a kingsize bed and I am allowed about 1/8th of it, if I am lucky. But you know what, that's ok because the love I get when I come in from a hard day at work makes anything for them worth it.

Barbara Techel

Congratulations, April! Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog and I will help spread the message about your blog. Can't wait to watch it evolve.

Frankie's mom,
Barbara Techel


Happy to see you here!!

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